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Captured with beyond-human precision by robotic automation, Hammers + Waves is a 10 instrument modern keyboard collection like nothing you've ever played.

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What's your sound?

With 4 ultra-unique collections to choose from, Hammers + Waves covers some serious sonic ground. Where will you go?

Hammers + Waves - Acoustic


Hammers + Waves - Chime


Hammers + Waves - Electric


Hammers + Waves - Prepared


"'s frickin amazing"

James Poyser

Grammy Winning Producer, Composer and Performer, The Roots, Adele, Rihanna, D'angelo

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Reality Elevated

Capturing the original instruments in stunning detail with precision robotics delivers an unprecedented playing experience. But REAL is only the beginning. Ignite your creativity with an elevated playback engine that features completely innovative sound shaping tools.

Why A Robot?

Using robotic precision allowed us to capture the true response of these instruments in incredible detail. The velocity zones of Hammers + Waves are determined by the force applied to the key itself, not an estimation based on amplitude. The result is a playing experience that is freakishly true to the feel and response of the original instrument.


Deep Granular Synthesis Engine

The world’s first Deep Granular Synth, SWARM gives you the power to generate modern, unique textures. From beautifully cinematic atmospheres to grinding chaotic drones, get inspired.


Motion/Arpeggiation Engine

Organic in motion. An arpeggiator designed especially for acoustic keyboard instruments, FRACTALS delivers musical rhythmic movement with a truly innovative and flexible feature set.

500 Presets

Highly Curated Instant Inspiration

No throw aways here. The 500 meta-tagged easily tweak-able presets in Hammers + Waves were created by industry acclaimed sound designers responsible for some of the most cutting edge sounds in music today.

Meet your new Go-To

4 Collections, 10 instruments, 500 Presets, Endless Inspiration.

Get your copy of what Sample Library Review's called "Piano Of The Year".
33% off when you purchase all 4 Core collections.



or 4 payments of $97.25