Hammers + Waves - Chime
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  • Dulcitone

    Pulled from a dilapidated house in Beverly Hills, this Dulcitone was painstakingly rebuilt to its historical glory. We captured this beautifully charming instrument with all it's quirks intact for an incredibly authentic playing experience.

  • J Celeste

    A vintage 1950s tabletop celeste was selected for this instrument. Before we sampled a note, we had the action of this little beauty completely rebuilt by a master technician. The result is possibly the most even response ever for an instrument of this kind.

  • J Toy Piano

    Maybe the most detailed toy piano sample ever created, we gave this classic sound the full treatment. The model we decided on is well known to have the sweetest tone of any toy piano. After testing many models we agreed!

Dulcitone - Intro (Danny Dunlap)

Dulcitone - Fractured (Danny Dunlap)

Dulcitone - Improvisation (Jordan Rudess)

J Celeste - Intro (Danny Dunlap)

J Toy Piano - Intro (Danny Dunlap)

See It In Action

Dulcitone - Default Preset

J Celeste - Default Preset

J Toy Piano - Default Preset

Hammers + Waves Walkthrough

Instant Inspiration

Yes, we went above and beyond to capture the most precise samples possible. But this isn't just another deep sampled piano. The jaw dropping presets included with every collection were meticulously created by the worlds most in demand sound designers and producers.

Next Level Engine


Deep Granular Synthesis Engine

The world’s first Deep Granular Synth, SWARM gives you the power to generate modern, unique textures. From beautifully cinematic atmospheres to grinding chaotic drones, get inspired.


Motion/Arpeggiation Engine

Organic in motion. An arpeggiator designed especially for acoustic keyboard instruments, FRACTALS delivers musical rhythmic movement with a truly innovative and flexible feature set.

Instrument Details

Technical Details

Sample Rate: 48k 24bit

Over 7,500 samples

16 velocities sampled per note

16 release samples per note

True sympathetic resonance samples

Hammer return samples

Velocity sensitive intelligent pedal and damper samples

Pre-Strike mode for enhanced realism

2 blendable mic positions (close/far)

150 meta-tagged NKS compatible presets

Compatible with all DAWs

Check out the manual here

System Requirements

Free Kontakt Player or Full Kontakt version 6.0.0 or higher

Mac OS X 10.13 or later

Windows 7 or later

At least 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)

22.8 GB of free drive space