Designing Instruments For Inspiration

Launched in Los Angeles, California in 2021, skybox Audio is an innovative sample library company that creates virtual instruments using cutting edge approaches in technology.

We are a team of professional composers, programmers, mix engineers and makers with a mission to create world class virtual instruments for today’s modern composer.

We are driven by the concept of shortening the distance between an idea's inception and it's realization.  It’s that goal of effortless creative purity that motivates us in everything we make.

We strive hard to strike a balance of simplicity and power in our products.

Passion Meets Innovation

We are a dedicated team who fully immerse ourselves in every step of the sampling process. Here’s what sets us apart -

When developing for our keyboard collection product Hammers + Waves, we built a one of a kind sampling robot from the ground up to capture each key with pinpoint accuracy. With 16 levels of velocities recorded, the samples were edited using a precise and proprietary automation process to ensure the highest quality of playback. From there, every sample was tirelessly mapped and tweaked by hand till we had the absolute perfect feel and response. 

Beyond our studio, we also love collaborating with the world’s best musicians and sound designers. Together, we take pride in our creations, and believe the quality of our unique instruments will inspire you.

skybox Audio Team

Danny Dunlap

Founder + CEO

Azrul Saleh

Co-Founder + Programmer

Dana Nielsen

Co-Founder + Mix Engineer