Ether - Preset Expansion
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Cinematic Air

Familiar but unidentifiable. Organic but super-natural. Ether is 100 new stunning atmospheric presets for Hammers + Waves. (10 per instrument)

* Ether is a preset expansion and requires at least one Hammers + Waves Collection to work

Hear It

Into The Ether - Ethan Cohen

Preset Exploration - Danny Dunlap

Stream Of Consciousness - Amanda Duran

Aria For Lucidity - George Bjorvik

Particle Clouds - CJ Rhen

Blur the boundaries of technology and imagination with 100 new undeniably inspiring cinematic atmospheres from skybox Audio.  Immerse yourself Into the Ether.

Only for Hammers + Waves

Expansion Details

Technical Details

10 new presets for each Hammers + Waves Instrument (100 total)

System Requirements

You must own at least one Hammers + Waves collection