Hammers + Waves - Prepared
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  • Obscura Grand

    A delicate strip of felt was woven between the hammers and strings of our C6 Conservatory Grand for this stirring instrument. 16 velocities were sampled in a softer dynamic range to give maximum resolution where it matters. Blend between the focused sound above the strings and the darker tones underneath the piano.

  • Muted Relic

    As composers, the skybox team is always searching for unique and disruptive sounds. This instrument was made from our beloved 1890 Schaff Brothers upright. We treated the strings with a thick coating of gaffer tape to create a plucky tone that's a fresh and inventive substitute for your old pizzicato patch.

Obscura Grand - Intro (Joy Ngiaw, Azrul Saleh)

Obscura Grand - Hymn (John Nau)

Obscura Grand - Randy And Frederic (Larry Goldings)

Muted Relic - Intro (Danny Dunlap)

Muted Relic - Improvisation (Larry Goldings)

See It In Action

Obscura Grand - Default Preset

Muted Relic - Default Preset

Hammers + Waves Walkthrough

Instant Inspiration

Yes, we went above and beyond to capture the most precise samples possible. But this isn't just another deep sampled piano. The jaw dropping presets included with every collection were meticulously created by the worlds most in demand sound designers and producers.

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Instrument Details

Technical Details

Sample Rate: 48k 24bit

Over 10,000 samples

16 velocities sampled per note

16 release samples per note

True sympathetic resonance samples

Hammer return samples

Velocity sensitive intelligent pedal and damper samples

Pre-Strike mode for enhanced realism

2 blendable mic positions (DI/Amp)

Vintage mic and cabinet convolutions

100 meta-tagged NKS compatible presets

Compatible with all DAWs

Check out the manual here

System Requirements

Free Kontakt Player or Full Kontakt version 6.0.0 or higher

Mac OS X 10.13 or later

Windows 7 or later

At least 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)

22.8 GB of free drive space