Real Is Only The Beginning

Captured with beyond-human precision by robotic automation, Hammers + Waves is a stunning collection of 10 deep-sampled keyboard instruments.

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More Than Another Piano

SWARM Deep Granular Synthesis

The world’s first Deep Granular Synth, SWARM gives you the power to generate modern, unique textures. From beautifully cinematic atmospheres to grinding chaotic drones, get inspired.



FRACTALS Motion Engine

Organic in motion. An arpeggiator designed especially for acoustic keyboard instruments, FRACTALS delivers musical rhythmic movement with a truly innovative and flexible feature set.



500 Highly Curated Presets

No throw aways here. The 500 meta-tagged easily tweak-able presets in Hammers + Waves were created by industry acclaimed sound designers responsible for some of the most cutting edge sounds in music today.